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''From the South Bronx projects to the boardroom—at only nineteen years old, Cin Fabré ran with the wolves of Wall Street''.
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On Sale: 09/20/2022

A Black Woman On Wall Street

Growing up Cin Fabré didn't know anything about the stock market. But she learned how to hustle from her immigrant parents, saving money so that one day she could escape her abusive father and poverty in the Bronx.

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I believe we learn from each other stories.
Lessons gained from each other stories can be a lifetime saver.

About Author

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I'm a New Yorker born and raised in the South Bronx and Queens. At the age of nineteen, I joined a brokerage house on Wall Street, eventually becoming a high-earning broker at a top firm, before leaving in search of a more meaningful life.
When you hear about the wolves in finance, you  probably envision the Jordan Belforts of this world- and the tales of thee crazy hours they worked, bottles upon bottles of Dom, mountains of snow, thousands of dollars thrown around carelessly....It's all true. I was there, and I witnessed it. I took part in some of it too. But these wolves - many of whom built (and lost) vast personal fortune at the expense of others - were a part of an exclusive club.

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